Eric Willett | Six for Six

Mammoth Unbound’s Main Park is serviced by Chair Six, a high-speed quad that takes only two minutes and forty seconds to ride. Just enough time to fire off a special handful of questions to the many pros — like Eric Willett —  who are in town for the Sprint U.S. Grand Prix. 

: Any big news coming into this week?

Eric Willett: Yeah actually I got some big news that just happened this past weekend. I brought my girlfriend back to her hometown of Atlanta, Georgia and proposed to her, so now we’re engaged!

What are you most excited to hit up there on the course?

EW: Well I’m more of a jump guy so I’m pretty stoked on the jumps, I hit ‘em a couple times yesterday they felt really good and it’s kind of cool to have four jumps in a line because not many contests do that so it pushes the riders to get a little more creative.

Did that throw you for a loop when you showed up, were you all “oh noooo!” there’s four jumps!

EW: Yeah I mean you always think about three jumps, so four puts a little kink in it but I’ll figure it out.

Do you think this is the biggest contest setup you’ve seen this year?

EW: Let me think here, Breck Dew Tour, X Games and this one are probably the biggest of the year.

Are you just riding the contest while you’re here or are you gonna get some pow runs or South Park laps in?

EW: I’ve taken a couple park laps, hopefully I can get out and ride some powder but other than that just the contest.

And your roommate while you’re here, what was the word he used? I think he described you as a kook.

EW: He described me as a kook?!? Well he’s a narc!

Are you gonna room with him in Stratton or do you think this is the end of it?

EW: Well see he’s too cool, he goes with the Nike crew in Vermont, so I’ve had about enough of Sage here so we’ll end it here. 

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