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Mammoth Unbound’s Main Park is serviced by Chair Six, a high-speed quad that takes only two minutes and forty seconds to ride. Just enough time to fire off a special handful of questions to the many pros — like Tom Wallisch —  who are in town for the Sprint U.S. Grand Prix. 

: What do you think of the slopestlye course for the Sprint U.S. Grand Prix?

Tom Wallisch: I think the course is amazing! I haven’t had a ton of time on it yet, practices have all been kind of bad due to weather, but definitely one of the best looking courses I’ve seen in a while. Its long, tons of features, 4 jumps 3 rail features, so lot of options and it looks like everyone’s gonna be able to go big and lay out some sick runs so I’m stoked on it!

: What are you doing today instead of practicing?

TW: Ya know just mentally preparing haha no, I’m just sitting around inside all day just kinda chilling out and watching some movies all day. Probably gonna sit in the hot tub, I don’t know, take life easy, take it as an off day and let the body recover— it’s been a long season— and yeah get psyched! Hopefully we’ll get some good weather this weekend.

Glad the storm could provide you a little vacation!

What would you say the highlight of your season has been so far?

TW: Definitely winning gold medal at the X Games. I wasn’t really expecting it, I was doing good already this season but I was feeling a little under the weather and the course was not really built for me with 4 jumps and only 2 rails. It wasn’t really my style, I usually like more rails, but I was just stoked to figure out a run and end up getting X Games gold, definitely a career highlight and something I’ve wanted since I was a kid!

What would be your perfect slopestyle course, would you rather see it just full of rails?

TW: No, not just full of rails I mean I love jumps too! My perfect course would probably be one with 10 plus features— 5 rails and 5 jumps! Just because for me I have such a wide variety of tricks, I don’t have the crazy triple cork or single big air trick. Instead I’ve got like every trick dialed and all the smaller stuff, and I like to link up long runs.

What’s next on the calendar after Mammoth?

TW: Taking like a week off to ski and just kinda hang with my friends and then going to Europe for European X Games and then pretty much done competing for the rest of the year. Hopefully go ski some pow where its stable and safe and have fun!

Any street stuff planned? Or just pow?

TW: Probably some more street stuff, I’ve been doing a couple urban trips this year, I’ve gone to the best backcountry stops in the world for urban rails this year, I’ve been to AK and Japan so I think its about time I go ski some pow in those good places. But also probably do some more handrails and put together a full film segment.

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