Judd Henkes | Six for Six

Mammoth Unbound’s Main Park is serviced by Chair Six, a high-speed quad that takes only two minutes and forty seconds to ride. Just enough time to fire off a handful of questions to the many pros — like Judd Henkes —  who come through during the season.

: How old are you?

Judd Henkes: Ten years old

How long have you been snowboarding for?

JH:Five years.

How did you get that black eye?

JH: Cab 7 to switch back 7 but I over-rotated to 9.

That’s more rotations than you are old! What’s it like being the youngest kid ripping main park on a daily basis?

JH: Fun!

How are you doing in Peanut Butter Rail Jam?

JH: I don’t know the scores haven’t come in yet!

What was your favorite trick you did at PBRJ today?

JH: It’s a hard one, either 270 off of the down bar or 270 switch front board.

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