Danny Davis | Six for Six

Mammoth Unbound’s Main Park is serviced by Chair Six, a high-speed quad that takes only two minutes and forty seconds to ride. Just enough time to fire off a handful of questions to the many pros — like Danny Davis —  who come through during the season.

: What brings you to Mammoth today?

Danny Davis: Well, sunny weather, a new year, and snowboarding.

What’s your favorite feature in the park today?

DD: Bottom jump is pretty fun, banister rail always has been a favorite. Even since I was little getting to the end of that always feels good so ya know just having fun on a little bit of everything — but bottom jump is pretty darn good.

What is your favorite Frends product?

DD: I wear the Clips actually, for earbuds, those are kinda my favorite ones. I snowboard in them every day.

What do you think Scotty’s gonna have to do to win Big Air at X Games this year?

DD: Well…he’s probably gonna have to triple it up, which I don’t think is impossible. Gonna have to triple it up there Scotty.

Scotty Lago: haha yeahhhh I know

Triple cab, triple 9?

SL: 14

DD: Fine, if you wanna get technical, cab triple 14 then, that’s the trick that Scott’s gonna need.

Any secret plans for yourself at X Games?

DD: I got no secret plans, I’m actually up here in Mammoth trying to get everything dialed for Killington and X Games, and we got some sunny days here so its looking pretty promising.

If you could recruit anyone from history— dead or alive— to be a part of the Frends crew who would it be?

SL: Peter Line maybe,

DD: Pssh

SL: Sorry, not my interview

DD: Hahaha get your own fricken interview! I’m gonna go with Bob Marley or Neil Young, I can’t decide, but both, both would be great for Frends, and ya know…they’re legends.